1,0 l Glass Liner Thermos Fall
  • Air Pro1,0 l Glass Liner Thermos Fall
  • Air Pro1,0 l Glass Liner Thermos Fall
  • Air Pro1,0 l Glass Liner Thermos Fall
  • Air Pro1,0 l Glass Liner Thermos Fall

1,0 l Glass Liner Thermos Fall

The folgenden ist Über 1,0 l Glas Liner Thermos Case verwandt, ich hope to help you besser understand 1,0 l Glas Liner Thermos Case.

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Erzeugnis Schilderung

1.0L glass liner thermos case Orange


Schnelle Details

Drink ware Type:Vacuum Flasks & Thermoses

Anwendbare Leute: Alle

Thermal Insulation Performance:24 hours

Flaschentyp: Vakuum


Produktion: Vakuumflaschen

Certification:CE / EU, FDA, LFGB, SGS

Feature:Eco-Friendly, Portable, Stocked

Ursprungsort: Nantong, Jiangsu, China

Markenname: Keyster

Material:plastic body, glass inner

Usage:water, coffee, tea, drinking

Kapazität: 1000ml

Type:keep hot & cold water bottle

Packing:Egg Crate

1.0L glass thermos case Orange


Instructions for use

1. Please thoroughly clean the inside of the container lid and the inside and outside of the container for preheating or pre-cooling (fill with hot or cold water, cover the lid for 5~10 minutes, pour off the water in the container), and keep the heat preservation effect better.

2. The bottle liner should avoid severe vibration, and the bottom tail pipe must not be damaged, otherwise the heat preservation performance will be lost.

3. When purchasing the bottle liner assembly, do not force the bottle liner into the shell; check that the bottom bottom screw is flat and well, and tighten the bottle when tightening the bottle.

4, an einem Ort, wo Kinder nicht berühren können, um nicht zu verbrennen.


Feststellen, ob eine neue Thermoskanne isoliert ist

Befestigen Sie die leere Flasche an Ihrem Ohr. Je größer das Echo, desto besser! Auf diese Weise können Sie feststellen, ob die Wasserflasche Risse aufweist. Der Klang ist das Echo des Luftstroms. Je größer das Echo, desto besser!


Warum Uns Wählen?

1. We are the only manufacturer in China that is still producing glass liners for insulated lunch boxes.

2. Glass material insulation thermos bottle liner is more environmentally friendly and safer than stainless steel liner, and will not decompose harmful substances.

3. The company supports customizing various types of glass liners.

4. It can provide three kinds of environmental protection grades of medium and high temperature, which meet the import standards of any country in the world.

1.0L glass thermos case



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